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Please email us your order, stating which day you would like to pick up your order


Or call us on 01929 462260

To avoid disappointment please place your poultry order before the end of November 

We now ask for a £10 deposit on all Turkeys and Meat Boxes



For the first time in three years, we have been forced to increase the price of turkeys 

Standard Bronze Turkeys 

3 – 10 kg £15.99 per kg 

Standard White Turkeys 

2.5 – 8+kg £14.49 per kg 

Free range Chicken 

1.6 – 2.5kg £7.99 per kg 

2.6 – 3.6kg £8.99 per kg 

Free range Duckling 

1.8 – 3kg £10.29 per kg 

Turkey Breast boneless £12.99 per kg 

Cold spit roast chicken, Pheasant, Partridge etc. 

To avoid disappointment please place your poultry order before the end of November

Prime English Beef

Sirloin / Ribeye / Rump 

Rolled Sirloin - dry aged

West Country Rib (bone in or boneless) 

Topside / Silverside - dry aged

Brisket (boneless) 

Salt beef *(must be pre-ordered) * 

Quality Pork

Boneless leg / Boneless Spare Rib 

Loin, boneless 

Gammon smoked / unsmoked - cut to order

Cooked ham joints & other cold meats to order 

Festive sausages, Pigs in Blankets 

Quality Lamb

Leg / Shoulder   (whole or half)  

Rack - French trimmed             


Haunch (bone in or boneless) - local 

Taylor’s Meat Box                                   Just £115.00


Boneless Turkey breast, rolled * 

Pork Loin joint, * 

Unsmoked Gammon joint, * 

Beef roasting joint, * 

454g sausage meat 

500g pigs in blankets 

Packet of Stuffing 

*Minimum weight 2 kg

Too much meat? How about a small box? Please ask for details


Mature Cheddar, Stilton, Dorset Blue Vinney, Dorset Red, Dorset & Somerset Brie, Double Gloucester, Shropshire Blue, Camembert, Cambozola and many more. Plus, other popular cheeses. 

Single, double and clotted creams.

Free Range Eggs Large and Extra Large.

Cooking fats beef dripping , goose fat , duck fat , 

Marmalades , great choice of chutneys ,pates ,condiments , gravies , stocks ,stuffings , festive crisps 

If you can't see it here and would like to add something else to your order – just ask, we will try our best for you!

Please ask a member of staff for up-to-date prices.

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